What Temperature Should I Leave My AC On When Not Home?

What Temperature Should I Leave My AC On When Not Home?
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What Temperature Should I Leave My AC On When Not Home?

Your air conditioning can feel like a lifesaver on sweltering summer days. But what does your air conditioner do while you aren’t home? You don’t want to come home to a boiling hot residence after a long day. You don’t want to waste electricity cooling a lot of vacant rooms. Finding the ideal balance can be challenging. Although the ideal temperature setting differs from person to person, house to house, and AC unit to AC unit, you should be able to figure out whether to keep the Ac on or not with the help of a few of these helpful ideas.

Why It’s Better To Keep Your AC On?

Your home may get warm and humid when your air conditioner is not running. Your home’s carpeting, walls, and furniture will all suffer from all that dampness. Overly humid conditions can lead to wood expanding, buckling, and cracking. In addition to preventing such damage, leaving your air conditioner on is more energy-efficient. You’ll want to chill at your house again when you go home. It uses less energy to maintain a constant temperature in your home while you are away than it does to try to cool it down when you get home.

What’s The Optimal Air Conditioning Temperature While You’re Away?

While you’re not home, your thermostat should ideally be set to a temperature between 80 and 85 degrees. This helps to keep humidity at bay while still being warmer for most people than the temperature they would have their thermostat set at while they are at home.

Each Degree Counts

Depending on how much money you want to save, there is the best temperature for your thermostat. While you’re away, the ideal setting for your air conditioner will always depend on how long you’ll be gone and the weather outside.

Every degree matters, whether it is summer or winter. Literally. Raising your thermostat by one degree can reduce the money you spend on monthly cooling costs by about 5%. For every degree your thermostat is lowered throughout the winter, you can save up to 5%.

If You’re Taking a Day Trip or Weekend Trip Away

If you’re only going to work, don’t completely shut off the device. It’s more energy-efficient to keep your AC on if you’re leaving your house for the day, but set it a few degrees higher than you might if you were staying there for comfort. Follow the same instructions if the home will be empty for just a day or two. Leaving the AC on while turning the thermostat up is more energy-efficient.

It is a delusion that the AC Repair spring unit must work harder to cool off a hot house, so turning it off during the day is not necessarily negative. It continues to run at the same speed regardless; it will only have to run longer to cool off a warm building. If you have left the AC on all day at room temperature, it can consume more energy than if you shut it off in the morning and put it back on at night.

However, if you live in a warm location, it can take a while for your house to cool off, by which time you might be ready for bed. Additionally, central air conditioning does more than cool your home. It significantly lowers humidity levels as well. The humidity level will increase if the system is off for more than a few hours, which can cause mold growth, damage electronic devices, and warp wood and paper. Any animals left inside the house risk becoming uncomfortable and overheating. This is why keeping the air conditioning on is advised even when the temperature increases.

If You’re Traveling A Longer Distance From Home 

It is possible to switch off everything if the entire household, including the dogs, leaves the house for longer than two days. Turning your AC Repair Springs off will save the most energy and money on your bill.

However, when you return, the interior temperature might not be appealing. AC installation in Dubai, a smart thermostat will help you avoid returning home to a scorching home.

You may monitor and manage your house’s energy efficiency even when you’re not there by purchasing a programmed or smart thermostat. You can raise the temperature before leaving and lower it when you get home.

In The Spring And Summer, What Temperature Should I Have My Thermostat Set To?

In the summer and spring, the temperature in the house rises along with the outside temperature, which may be very uncomfortable when AC Repair Dubai isn’t operating. However, keeping your house cool during the brutal summer heat can be expensive. This is where adjusting the thermostat may be helpful because it can reduce your energy and AC Repairing Dubai costs while maintaining home comfort.

You can set your thermostat to a few degrees warmer while you are away and then start cooling again when you return from work if you will only be gone during the day. There is no need for the air conditioner to run nonstop while you aren’t home to enjoy it, just like when you are on vacation.

When you are at home, you can set the AC maintenance Springs temperature to your preference, but if your cooling cost is too high, you might want to consider raising the temperature by 2 or 3 degrees. Your energy bill can be improved with even a little change.


Call AC maintenance Springs in Dubai with the knowledge and experience to answer all your inquiries and handle your worries if you have any issues with the ideal temperature to set your AC at while you are away. We at Ac repair springs are here to answer any of your queries. The following services are available to our clients in the UAE.

  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Quick and courteous service
  • Upfront justifications and costs

An AC Repair near me specialist will respond to your inquiries, make recommendations, and assist you in adjusting your thermostat to the ideal energy-saving setting and AC installation Dubai. Call us right away.


Is it okay to leave the AC on when you’re not home?

When you’re at home, keeping your air conditioner on will allow the indoor air supply to be dehumidified, reducing the chance that mold will grow while you’re gone. It is safer to leave your air conditioner on for this reason.

Is leaving the air conditioner on all day more affordable?

Since air conditioners consume more energy when running continuously, running your system at full capacity at home is more cost-effective than running it at a reduced capacity throughout the day. The quantity of energy you use will directly affect how much you pay each month for utilities.

How long should AC run each day?

Your air conditioner should only operate a few times within an hour, for 15 to 20 minutes. It could also be a sign of trouble if your air conditioner runs in extended cycles. Any unfixed AC system issue could result in an expensive repair and a high electricity bill.

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