Common AC problems in Dubai and how to avoid them

Common AC problems in Dubai and how to avoid them
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Common AC problems in Dubai and how to avoid them

Air conditioners are becoming more and more necessary in our everyday lives, especially in locations that endure extreme summer or winter temperatures. We experience pain and perhaps financial burden when an AC breaks down. There are a few clear symptoms of AC problems that an AC is starting to fail. It is advised that you recognize certain early warning indications of a potential breakdown and get those issues rectified if you want your AC to be dependable and not suddenly break down. These are a few AC issues, along with potential fixes, which are listed in this article by AC Repair Dubai.

Air Conditioner Filter

A blocked or filthy filter is one of the common causes of AC problems that don’t function correctly. To determine how frequently to change your air filter, go to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Some must be cleaned as they become dirty, while others must be done on a quarterly or monthly basis. Checking to see whether any light goes through a filter might help AC Maintenance Dubai decide if it needs to be cleaned. If not, it has to be cleaned. Clean filters not only improve airflow but also prevent the AC system from freezing.

AC Remote Is Inoperative

Checking the battery within the remote controller is a good place to start if your AC remote controller isn’t functioning. The AC problems likelihood of the battery’s charge being low is high. AC repair Dubai near me check to see whether the sensor is covered in any way if that is not the case. You might need to contact a specialist if it still doesn’t work.


Another quick repair by AC Service Dubai is to check that your thermostat, which regulates the temperature in your home, is turned on, clean inside, level, not being impacted by sunlight, and set to the appropriate temperature. If issues continue, there could be another problem.

AC is not properly cooling

The most frequent AC problems individuals encounter is inadequate cooling. There may be a lot of causes for your air conditioner to not chill your home effectively. It might be caused by unclean outside units, malfunctioning motors, clogged air filters, low refrigerant, low refrigerant levels, broken motors, or even the wrong mode selection.

Unclean Outdoor Unit

Through the indoor unit, the outdoor unit absorbs the heated air from the room and condenses it into cold air. The interior unit receives the cooled air after that. However, the outside unit cannot operate well when it is not clean. After cutting off the electricity and removing the power line from the socket, you may clean the outside unit with a moist towel.

A leak of water outside the room

A small amount of water is often released outside the room when an AC is operating normally. On a hot day, that water often evaporates. However, if you discover an alarming amount of water outside your house from your air conditioner, you may have accidentally adjusted the temperature too low. If the AC problems are put in correctly, the issue could also arise.

The Ministry of Power advises setting the air conditioning at 24°C. You may need to call AC Repair Springs or get assistance from a qualified AC installer like AC Maintenance Springs if the issue is being caused by improper installation of your air conditioner.

A Banging, Buzzing, Clicking, or Humming sound is coming from the AC

Everything is likely normal if your air conditioner is producing a quiet buzzing sound. However, there can be a problem with your AC if it is continuously creating loud pounding, buzzing, clicking, or humming noises.

If the exterior unit of your air conditioner is banging, it’s likely that the fan blades or other parts have fallen loose or aren’t working correctly. A loud buzzing noise might be an indication of clogged air filters. Debris lodged in the interior or outdoor unit of your air conditioner, or loose parts.


These are the top AC issues that individuals encounter, and perhaps you’ve experienced some of them as well. While some of these issues may be resolved quickly, others require an experienced engineer. To quickly understand which AC installation Dubai to purchase for your needs. You can also look at our buying guide for air conditioners.

AC installation in Dubai is required to keep the AC well-maintained and in good shape if you use it frequently. If you don’t want to find yourself in the same scenario as many others who have an AC that breaks down in the middle of a hot summer. You should get your AC Serviced periodically. Purchase an annual maintenance contract (AMC), if possible.

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