Should I Run My AC If It’s Not Cooling?

Should I Run My AC If It’s Not Cooling?
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Should I Run My AC If It’s Not Cooling?

It’s no fun when the air conditioner breaks down and ac not cooling, but it happens. And it won’t be in the dead of winter, either. It’ll be the hottest day of the year, and no matter how low you set the thermostat, the air conditioner won’t be able to keep you cool.

What’s The Deal With My Air Conditioner Running But Not Cooling?

  • The Thermostat Has Been Set Incorrectly

Check the thermostat settings first when you notice your home becoming hotter than usual. Check that it is set to cool. Examine the temperature setting to make sure it hasn’t been changed if the thermostat is set to cool. If it is turned off, set to heat, or set to constant fan (sometimes labeled “on”), turn it back on. Wait a few minutes after the system comes on before checking for cold air blowing from the registers. Problem solved if it’s cold! If not, proceed to the next troubleshooting step: inspect the air filter.

  • The Condenser Unit Is Clogged

An outdoor condenser unit is most likely part of your air conditioning system. The condenser unit’s exterior features a large outdoor coil that wraps most of the way around the unit. The coil comprises a series of thin metal “fins” closely spaced together. If your air conditioner is running but not lowering indoor temperatures, one possible cause is a clogged or blocked condenser coil. When working properly, the condenser fan draws air into the outdoor unit via the condenser coil to extract heat energy from your home. Dirt, grass, and other particles in the air can accumulate between the fins and clog the coil.

A dirty coil can reduce energy efficiency, cause a lack of cool air from the registers, or, in extreme cases, cause a complete system shutdown or compressor malfunction from excessive usage. You can try to clean the coil by removing debris, carefully vacuuming it with a brush attachment, or gently rinsing it with a hose. If your system is still not cooling, it’s time to call Ac repair services.

  • Clogged Air Filter

Your air conditioning system may include an air filter in or near the indoor air handler unit. The filter captures dirt, dust, and other airborne particles as they enter the air handler unit. It keeps the system’s components cleaner and more efficient, and it can help keep your home’s air cleaner.  A clogged air filter can obstruct airflow, reduce cooling in your home, and make your ac not cooling. In more severe cases, it can cause the system to shut down completely.

If your thermostat is working properly but still doesn’t have cool air, look for your system’s air filter, turn it off, remove it, and inspect it. If your central air conditioner still does not cool your home after ensuring that you have a clean air filter, you will need to look deeper to find the reason for the issue.

  • A Faulty Heat Pump

Your outdoor unit could be a heat pump in some cases. A heat pump resembles an air conditioner but contains additional components that allow it to cool and heat your home. In cooling mode, it functions similarly to the condenser unit of an air conditioner system. It is subject to the same issues – dirty, clogged coil, frozen coil, refrigerant leaks, compressor malfunctions, etc. Check the thermostat settings, the air filter, and the condenser unit for previously described issues if your heat pump system isn’t cooling. If everything appears in order, but you’re still sweating inside, contact your Ac technicians near me.

  • The Air Conditioner Was Not Properly Installed

Unfortunately, we see this all the time with air conditioners and furnaces. An inefficient Ac installation in Dubai will not provide the cool air you require. Your air conditioning system has more parts that could have been installed incorrectly than a standard window ac unit. This is something you’ll notice once you get a new air conditioner. Aircon servicing Dubai can provide you with a proper diagnosis and do everything we can to resolve any potential issues like ac not cooling.      

  • The Evaporator Coil Is Freezing

Your air conditioning system’s indoor component will include an evaporator coil. If your indoor unit is a furnace, the evaporator coil is located outside the furnace in its cabinet. If the indoor unit is a fan coil (as in a heat pump system), the evaporator coil is housed within the fan coil cabinet. Warm indoor air passes through the evaporator coil, which removes heat energy and humidity from the air. Then, cooler, more comfortable air is returned to your home.

Symptoms of a frozen evaporator coil include:

  • Frost on the copper refrigerant tubing exiting the coil cabinet
  • Insufficient cooling
  • Increased utility bills
  • Excessive condensate drainage near your indoor unit
  • Frost beginning to form on the external refrigerant pipe or the outdoor unit in extreme cases

Should I Run My AC If It’s Not Cooling?

If your ac not cooling, there is one more thing you should seek. This is essential; turn it off and contact AC Repairing near me for assistance. We always advise our customers to turn off an ac that is not properly cooling. Then we schedule an Ac repair Dubai appointment to diagnose and repair the ac.

You are making a huge mistake if you are still running your ac because it is cooling slightly. There are a few issues with this. If the system is frozen or iced up (which may not be visible), AC Spring cannot diagnose and correct the problem until the ice melts.

Another issue arises when an ac with a relatively simple problem is left to run, putting stress on the ac and resulting in a more serious failure. One of the most common ac repairs is a blown capacitor. The good news is that ac repair is relatively simple and inexpensive. However, if the system is left running with a faulty capacitor, it strains the outdoor fan motor and compressor (creating a high-temperature overload condition). Please turn off your air conditioner until the ac repair near me arrives.


When your outdoor unit isn’t cooling your home properly, it’s time to call the professionals. We will respond promptly, arrive on time, and restore your cool air immediately. We can keep the cool air coming back by performing annual maintenance. A yearly tune-up will reduce the risk of breakdowns with proper Ac installation Dubai, extend the life of your AC, and save you money on your energy bills.

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