What services are offered by AC Repair Springs, Dubai?

AC Repair and maintenance services By AC Repair Springs
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What services are offered by AC Repair Springs, Dubai?

AC is a machine and a very complex one and it needs repair services like maintenance and repair. And if you are living in a place like Dubai, UAE then your AC needs to operate day and night because of critical hot weather. Here you will also need AC installation in Dubai, and if you installed it then you will definitely need services.

These services are most required for your AC to run smoothly and uninterrupted to give your desired cooling as you want it in your life to make it easy in summers especially.

ac maintenance by AC Repair Springs


Repair Services providers must do these things to make sure that an air conditioner should keep in its running position safely and constantly at all times in summer.

Following are the few checklists that needed to be checked and listed for starting AC repair and maintenance services.

  • Switch off the main CB before even cleaning an AC so health and safety.
  • Removal of Debris around air conditioner units.
  • Recharging the refrigerant.
  • Checking the condensers and if they need cleaning then it should be done.
  • Checking loose connections in the circuits in order to avoid any kind of HSE damage.
  • Lubrication of motors is also important in order to run smoothly.

The above checklist is so important for a servicing company to start any services that we do in the start to make sure about everything for us and our customers.


AC Springs keeps checking the air conditioner and ensuring that it is working safely and efficiently before the season as summer begins even.

An Inspection in routine by repair services provider boosts the cooling system also heating system if it has performance by diagnosing and identifying the issue it has and trying to resolve them.

We always try to avoid any kind of issues and don’t ignore it because they will cause you later problems which can be turned into big damage.

ac repair by AC Repair Springs

Services we offer in Routine

We provide these services routinely and we are mentioning some of them are listed below. Other than repair and maintenance we also do the installation.

1- Installation services

We also provide ac installation and others areas around it. While installing an air conditioner we take all the preventive and safety measurements always before doing it.

2- Cleaning

We provide cleaning services also like

  • Cleaning the air filters
  • Indoor and outdoor unit cleaning
  • Cleaning evaporator coils
  • Cleaning drains
  • Condenser coils cleaning

3- Windows seals Inspection

Usually, moisture can cause damage to the seal between AC and the window frame. If that seal is leaking water that it can cause the hot air to blow and make a hot temperature in the room or office.

While we perform repair services we take care of a lot of these kinds of problems which happened a lot.

4- AC Drains Unclogging

How would unclog causes affect drains? The answer is so simple dirt in the air in form of the particle can clog the AC drains which lower the capacity of AC to control humidity.

It always results in discoloring the walls and the carpets if you have it in your home.

Annual maintenance

It would be a good decision to have an annual or yearly maintenance agreement or contract with Us. We cover all the issues with your AC and provided services to it every year.

Your annual maintenance contract covers all the necessary services that an air conditioner needs to remain in operational mode all the time, especially in the summer.

Other things are depended on your proper yearly agreement as the maintenance plan you bought for your air conditioner.


If you are living in Dubai and searching for an expert maintenance company or looking for other repair services.

Then we are the best expertise company here which can cover your all services like repair and maintenance services for your AC in an experienced way that your AC will operate day and night non-stop.

Providing annual contracts for maintenance and also repair and cleaning jobs and also like installation services for your AC and for your air conditioner future.

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