Musty Air Conditioner and How to Fix It

Musty Air Conditioner and How to Fix It
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Musty Air Conditioner and How to Fix It

Air conditioning is crucial for year-round comfort in a country with a hot, humid environment like the UAE. On the other hand, if your air conditioner emits a foul, musty smell, there may be a spot inside the appliance where mould or mildew is forming. A musty air conditioner can result in poor air quality and health issues for your family, so this is not a matter to put off or neglect.

A musty air conditioner can have various problems, from too much moisture inside the unit to an enormous air conditioner that can’t effectively remove humidity. The most frequent causes of a musty-smelling air conditioner and solutions are listed below.

8 Causes of Musty Air Conditioning

  1. Air Ducts And Vents With Mould Or Mildew

The presence of mould or mildew in the air ducts or vents is, without question, the most frequent cause of musty air conditioner that we encounter. When you turn on the air conditioner and immediately notice a weird smell, something is wrong. By utilising a UV filter and leaving your AC on all the time at a low setting, you can try to avoid this issue in the future.

  1. Contaminated Evaporator Coils

Your air conditioner may also smell musty since the evaporator coil is unclean and may be a mould-breeding environment. We advise working with ac maintenance springs to have your AC system cleaned and get ac repair Dubai regularly to prevent this problem. A UV lamp can also assist in halting the initial spread of this mould.

  1. Unsuitable Unit Size

To keep your space cold and fresh, you need an AC unit that is the right size for your house or business. A unit that is too big will draw in new air too quickly and prevent it from being adequately dehumidified, leading to ac repairing Dubai. The AC could begin to smell musty if the unit is too tiny and does not cool your room adequately.

  1. Obstructed AC Drain Pipe

If your AC’s drain line is stopped, it might not be possible to dry out your property. You’ll probably need a professional ac installation Dubai expert to recognise this, but once you do, you can take the necessary steps and figure out how to unclog your drain line.

  1. Air Ducts Have Holes or Are Leaking

If the air ducts are punctured or contain holes, your unit may leak and be more susceptible to the growth of mould. As a result, the mould’s environment becomes more humid, which promotes its growth. Many homeowners are unaware they have this problem, but the sooner you realise that you have a musty air conditioner, the sooner ac repairing in Dubai can address the issue.

  1. Full Drain Pan

A full drain pan might result in an unpleasant odour that leads to a musty air conditioner. Keep an eye on its future levels to ensure you don’t let it get too full.

  1. Iced Evaporator Coils

A similar issue can be brought on by both dirty and frozen evaporator coils. Experts in AC repair and maintenance will be able to inspect your AC system and identify any potential causes of the issue in your home.

  1. Blocked Filters

It seems to sense that the unit will start to push out stale, unclean air when your filters are clogged and dirty. Ensure your filters are being changed frequently and that they aren’t causing mould and germs to grow within your unit.

How To Remove A Musty Smell From An Air Conditioner: Some Tips

Change The Filter In The Air Conditioner

While some air conditioner filters are disposable, others may be cleaned and reused. Before purchasing a replacement, determine what kind of AC filter you currently have. To get the best filter for your air conditioner, make sure you adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Your air filter will be useless if inserted into a single-use air conditioner slot. Your air conditioner circulates debris via the vents when the air filter is unclean. Anywhere the vents are open, musty odours are present.

Wash the Cooling Coils

You may need to clean the coils depending on whether you have an indoor or outdoor air conditioner. If you have an indoor unit, you must shut off the electricity at the circuit breaker before removing the coil from the air conditioner. If your air conditioner has external units, you can spray the outside without worrying about removing any parts.

Clean The Air Vents Thoroughly

The smells are coming from the vents, as you have already noticed. That’s because your air conditioner pulls particles through the filter, especially if it’s old and dusty. No filter is capable of completely removing the trash that enters it. Dust and other impurities will be present inside each vent and must be removed.

Enclose The Air Ducts

You may significantly lessen the odours in your home by sealing your air ducts. Particularly during the wet months, holes and leaks in the air ducts allow moisture to enter the vents. Follow the air ducts in your basement, attic, and anywhere else you have access to them. Hire a professional ac installation in Dubai if you don’t want to replace the air ducts yourself. The guarantee may be cancelled, and the repair may be expensive if the ducts are damaged.

Drain Line Cleaning

A condensate line or drain line is a common feature in air conditioners. Condensate lines remove condensation, as the name implies, which serves as a haven for bacteria and mould. Leaving the drain line uncleaned would surely result in musty odours throughout your house. The drain tube needs to be flushed frequently.

Pressurize The Air Conditioner To Blow

Because it can remove dust and dirt from air conditioners without endangering their internal components, pressurised air is ideal for cleaning air conditioners. Standard automobile air compressors can be used, although some are too loud and take up a lot of room. An additional choice is to utilise a portable air compressor.

Dry The Unit First, Then Seal It

No matter how thoroughly you clean the inside of your air conditioner, if you don’t let it dry, it won’t do any good. If wet wipes, sponges, and other cleaning supplies aren’t dried, the moisture they contain can lead to mould growth. After a few days of having a clean air conditioner, you will have a musty air conditioner again, leading you to believe another problem exists. For interior air conditioners, the door can be left open. The top panels on outdoor air conditioners are detachable and can be stored. Wait a few hours for the air conditioner to completely dry (or until it feels dry to the touch).                                               


It can be challenging to clean the system because of the location and amount of mildew. Additionally, the coil and ductwork of your AC may continue to emit a musty odour due to moisture and dirt buildup that is difficult to remove by hand. Professional cleaning can assist in addressing the underlying issue and preventing the musty odour. Contact ac repair spring immediately if you need AC cleaning services in the UAE. Our ac repairing professionals can guarantee that your AC unit is mould-free and smells as good as new!

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