How to Install a Window AC Unit

How to Install a Window AC Unit
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How to Install a Window AC Unit

A Window ac unit is the simplest, most affordable way to cool a room. These small units are dependable, long-lasting, and capable of cooling almost any size room. Modern versions are also significantly more energy-efficient than those made ten years ago. Additionally, installing window air units is simple. This guide will answer all your concerns about installing a Window ac unit and show you how to do it. If you find it difficult, reach out to Ac maintenance springs.

Things to Take into Account Before Installing a Window AC Unit

There are many things to consider when choosing the best Window ac unit, including the size of your room, the type of window you have, its orientation, the AC’s energy efficiency rating, and how much insulation the device will need.

  • Your Room’s Size

A large unit will battle to remove moisture from your room, while a small unit won’t cool your room effectively on hot summer days, so choosing the right size during Ac Installation Dubai is crucial. You must first consider the cooling capacity—measured in British Thermal Units—to select the ideal window air conditioner measurement for your space. (BTUs). Most window air units range in BTU output from 5,000 to 25,000. For every cubic foot of space, you need 20 BTUs. Measure the size of your room as a first move. Determine the length and breadth of your space, and then apply the following formula:

Size (Length × Width) = Area

It would be best to determine the room’s shortest length and breadth before calculating the area of a rectangular room, an L-shaped room, or a T-shaped room. To reach the focal point, multiply them. Then, by multiplying the length and width of each spot in your room, you can determine how much space each has. To determine your room’s overall area, add all the areas.

  • Determine the Window’s Type

Knowing what kind of window you have is crucial because not all window types can accommodate Ac Repair Dubai window air units. You cannot put a window air conditioner in a sliding window or an open casement. The best windows for window air conditioners are double-hung windows, with a lower pane that slides up and down and a higher pane that does not.

  • Window Positioning

If you place the Window ac unit in a window facing south or west, it will receive most of the day’s direct sunlight. In that situation, a window Ac repairing Dubai won’t be able to manage the added heat. Furthermore, the unit’s effectiveness can be reduced by 10% by strong direct light. Place your window air conditioner in a window facing east or north, away from direct sunshine if possible. Also, take into account the path of the rain. Does it fall directly on your window? You can also cover your window air conditioner to shield it from the sun and weather when necessary.

  • Insulation Level

When putting a window AC, insulation is crucial for keeping heated or cooled air inside your room and for safety from strong winds and rain. Air will escape from your window unit and penetrate the space if there are gaps around it, making your air conditioner work harder and use more energy.

The quantity of gaps affects how much insulation is necessary. Holding a candle in your hand and rotating it around the AC will show you if there are any gaps; if the flame flickers, there is a gap. Additionally, insulation is needed in the gaps between the glass pieces. If insulating foam is not included with your window air conditioner, you can purchase flexible foam.

How Is a Window AC Unit Installed?

The first step is removing the air conditioner from its packaging. Then, collect any tools you might require, including a screwdriver, screws, brackets, measuring tape, and scissors. Next, and this is crucial, contact your helper! For the procedure, you’ll require an additional set of hands. Remember to peruse the user manual as well. Ensure you follow the instructions on your window AC assembly guide accurately to avoid Ac repair and maintenance.

  1. Mark The Window’s Centre

Your window’s lower sash should be pulled out as far as possible. Next, determine the window’s dimensions and note the center. By identifying the middle, you can ensure that the side panels cover both sides of your window equally. Otherwise, the installed device will look asymmetrical and uneven.

  1. Put The Weather Strip In Place

Install the weather strip, if provided by the window AC maker, to prevent incoming air from potentially damaging your window while installing or removing the window AC unit.

  1. Secure The Side Panel To The Window Air Conditioner

The side panels should be slid onto your Window ac unit and secured with the supplied fasteners. To keep warm air and pollutants from entering your house, ensure the screws are tight and have no gaps.

  1. Install Your Air Conditioner In The Window

Please pick up your unit and place it securely in the window with the aid of your helper. Close the window afterward, ensuring the bottom sash is precisely positioned on the Ac repairing in Dubai.

  1. Install L-Brackets And Secure The Sash

It would be best to secure the window sash to avoid unintentional lifting. Put two screws into the window sash through the top Ac repairing case. Drill pilot holes for screws into your window frames to stop the timber from splitting. Install L-brackets outside next to secure the air conditioner. The L-bracket should be screwed to the top window sash. As a result, the bottom sash can’t unintentionally open.

Not all windows kinds can be closed with L-brackets. You can insert wood pieces between the sash and the top of the window frame if your window is made of vinyl.

  1. Securing the Side Panels

The side panels you originally installed with the Window ac unit must now be extended to the window sash track in this step. Screws should then be used to anchor them.

  1. Close the Gaps

Nearly there! Fill the spaces between the upper and lower window sashes with foam padding. If the foam strip with your air conditioner can be cut, use it to fill the hole. If not, you can purchase it individually.


Window Ac installation in Dubai can be difficult, particularly if you’ve never done it before. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult to install a window AC unit if you have the proper equipment and step-by-step guidance. This guide includes thorough directions on installing a window air conditioner, regardless of whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a novice installer.

You’ll soon take advantage of the cool air if you attentively follow these instructions. Always remember that safety comes first, so unplug the device before making physical contact with it and never try to fix or alter it yourself. If you run into any problems, seek advice from the professionals of Ac Repair spring.

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