How Much Does AC Installation Cost In Dubai?

How Much Does AC Installation Cost In Dubai?
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How Much Does AC Installation Cost In Dubai?

More goes into installing an air conditioner than simply removing the unit from its packaging and mounting it on the wall. Everyone is not ordinarily aware of the level of experience needed to ensure a competent ac installation Dubai, partly because it is not overtly evident. So, the expertise of a reputable ac installation company in Dubai is helpful if you seek professional Ac installation services. Contact ac repair springs to know about the AC installation cost in Dubai.

Average Cost Of Installing Air Conditioner Units

Several variables might affect the installation costs for a split window or cassette ac unit. Therefore, you should budget between AED 1,500 and AED 2,500 for a typical ac installation in Dubai. This covers the price of labor, supplies, and any upgrades to the required plumbing or electrical system. However, the actual AC installation cost in Dubai could be more significant or lower depending on the kind and size of the ac unit, as this is only an average estimate.

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Extra Costs For Installing An Ac Unit

Apart from the regular AC installation cost in Dubai, there may be other charges that you need to consider when installing an air conditioner. The following are a few of these extra costs:

  • Transportation Costs for an AC Unit

You might have to pay extra transportation costs to have the AC unit delivered to your location if you buy it from a source that is far away.

  • Electricity-Related Changes

You might need to make changes to the electrical system if the AC unit’s power requirements are incompatible with the electrical system of your building. The AC installation cost in Dubai may go up as a result.

  • Plumbing Alterations

You might need to modify the plumbing system in your building if the drainage requirements of the AC unit are incompatible with those of the plumbing system. As a result, AC installation cost in Dubai can increase.

  • Wall Connectors

You might need to buy wall brackets to support your AC unit if it needs to be mounted on a high wall. The size and weight of the AC unit can affect the price of wall brackets.

  • Ducting

You might have to pay extra for ducting to install a ducted split air conditioner. A network of pipes called ducting is used to transmit cold air throughout the structure.

  • Maintenance Fees

To keep your AC unit in good working order after Dubai ac installation, you might need to plan routine ac maintenance springs. The maintenance cost might vary depending on the type of maintenance required and the service provider.

  • Insurance and Warranties

Certain installation companies may offer warranties and insurance for the AC unit installation. The cost of warranties and insurance might vary based on the service provider and the terms and circumstances of the policy.

Factors Influencing Installation Fees for AC Units

The costs associated with installing a Split AC unit in Dubai might vary depending on several factors. Among these elements are:

  • Size of the Air Conditioning Unit

One of the critical elements that can impact the installation costs is the AC unit’s size. The difficulty of installation increases with the size of the AC unit. The installation crew may need more supplies and labor to install a large AC unit, which could raise the installation cost.

  • Type of AC Unit

Split AC units come in various designs, including single-zone, multi-zone, and portable ones. Your choice of AC unit may have an impact on the installation costs. For instance, because it includes many inside units that must be connected to the outdoor unit, a multi-zone AC unit demands extra time and effort during installation. The cost of installation may go up as a result.

  • The AC’s location

The installation costs may vary depending on where the AC unit is located. Installation staff might need extra tools if the AC unit is placed in a difficult-to-reach location, like against a high wall or in a small space. Cost of installation may go up as a result.

  • Installation Difficulty

The installation costs may also vary depending on the installation’s complexity. Installation costs can increase, for instance, if the installation crew needs to drill holes in the wall or make extensive changes to the building’s plumbing or electrical system.      

  • Brand And Model Of The Air Conditioner

The installation costs may vary depending on the make and model of the air conditioner. The installation costs for some brands and models may rise due to the need for additional parts or specialist installation techniques.

Ways to Lower AC Unit Installation Costs  

Numerous strategies exist to lower installation costs if you want to install an AC unit. Here are a few pieces of bits of advice:

  • Choose a Trustworthy Installation Company

Long-term savings can be achieved by selecting a reputable and skilled installation firm. The need for subsequent repairs and maintenance is decreased by a good installation company’s precise quotation, use of premium materials, and assurance that the installation is done right the first time.

  • Evaluation of Installation Costs

It’s critical to check prices from many service providers before choosing an installation company. This will enable you to select the most cost-effective solution and guarantee that the installation won’t be overcharged.

  • Think About Installing In The Off-Peak Season

During peak season, the installation costs for a split air conditioning unit in Dubai could be higher (summer). Consider installing the AC unit during the off-peak season to save money (winter).


Selecting a reputable and skilled installation business like ac repair springs is crucial if you’re seeking a trustworthy and affordable ac installation near me. They provide competent and high-quality installation services to guarantee that your AC unit is fitted accurately and efficiently. Also, ac repair springs offer a comprehensive quotation detailing all additional fees so that you know precisely what you are paying for.


What is the price of an AC unit in the UAE?

One can quickly get a brand-new air conditioner at a fairly reasonable price. A 1-ton AC costs between AED 1160 and AED 1650.

Does Dubai Provide Free AC?

In Dubai, the landlord offers you a chiller-free when you rent a villa or flat. And the expenses are not your responsibility. Although the cooling fees won’t be charged, the power and water used each month will vary. The size of the unit and the usage patterns are vital factors.

How much electricity is used by AC in the UAE?

Up to 70% of the electricity used in the UAE is for air conditioning.

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